About Me

A little information about me and my style.

This is me



Hi I'm Will. Knowing what to write about yourself for the world to read is a rather difficult task without it sounding properly cringeworthy or self-inflammatory, so like my approach to my work I’ll try to keep it nice and real for you.

I love chocolate labradors and film cameras. I love vinyl records and the sea. I love playing the drums and making people cry (happy tears) when they see themselves captured in my photographs for the first time. I love being both a calming presence when needed and getting people even more excited about their wedding plans. Ultimately I love making people as happy as possible, and I really bloody love making friends at weddings. I'm in a whatsapp group with some lovely guests I shared a villa with during a wedding I photographed in Italy.

Someone recently said to me: "this guy is the most relaxed photographer I've ever met, he should be drinking with us", which has been a bit of a funny theme for me - I've lost track of the amount of groomsmen and bridesmaids who have tried handing me shots of whisky or Jager as soon as I arrive to a wedding because they think I'm a friend. It's always a lovely experience that my job brings me after weddings, making new friends which start off simply as clients enquiring about my services or guests which I grow close to during weddings is always a great pleasure.

I'm mainly a wedding photographer based in Swansea, with a first class honours degree in business management, and obsessed with all things photography. I regularly travel all over the UK and overseas as a destination wedding photographer too. That's all you need to know about me for now.



I am fully insured in terms of both public liability and professional indemnity coverage, and I am registered with HMRC under Will Mason-Jones Photography as a sole trader, so there can be total peace of mind and confidence when booking me. I always work with a detailed contract including all aspects of the services I provide, copyrights and model release, which I go through in detail during our first meeting. I have invested a lot of money into, and will settle for no less than the most up to date professional-grade camera bodies, lenses, flashes and accessories to allow myself creative flexibility by using this extremely sophisticated and reliable toolkit.


WHAT I DO and how I do it

I absolutely love weddings. Be they straight, gay, traditional, modern, religious or humanist. Love is love and love is awesome.

I'll always be found behind a camera. The only downside to this is that, when with friends or family, I rarely get any photographs taken of myself. Weddings are a different story, as there are no downsides whatsoever. Having the privilege of capturing special days and documenting people who are entirely in love with one another is something I am profoundly thankful for. It's simply the greatest feeling in the world being able to tell love stories through my art, before seeing my clients hold their memories so preciously within my stills. It still blows my mind and makes me beam with pride.

I'm more about realness than cheesiness. For me, it's more about blending in and photographing the small special moments as well as the key shots creatively, rather than spending the day setting up fake shots and directing your guests. Nobody enjoys line after line of being shouted and forced to appear like they're enjoying themselves. Have a browse through my portfolio and galleries, as I feel my images and overall style will say more for themselves than I could possibly write here. Think: lovely detail captured in an elegant style, with a film-like romantic quality. I pride myself on taking the time over each image during tasteful post production and believe that a good knowledge of processing is equally as important as having a good knowledge of using a camera properly. (If you'd like to be photoshopped as a 50ft high bridezilla, you may wish to look elsewhere, sorry).


I am fully flexible and able to cover your day no matter how unique in terms of location (be it across the UK or indeed international), as well as timings and weather conditions, as no two weddings are ever the same. Please use my wedding packages here as a starting point. I also love engagement, fashion, and newborn location portraiture.

Here's a behind-the-scenes video of me photographing a pre-wedding session