Suze + James - Corfu, Greece - Destination Adventure Wedding Photography

Returning back to the Greek island you first met each other on to get married by the beach

A carefree, super emotional Corfu evening wedding with a spectacular sunset, Greek dancing, lots of happy tears, fireworks and skinny dipping at 3am.

(Full highlights below)


When Suze & James first got in touch with me and we got chatting about their Labrador called Walter White and their plans for their relaxed destination wedding in Corfu, Greece, I knew that they were exactly my kind of humans. Throughout the whole build up, everything was totally seamless and stress free, which comes down to Suze & James being super organised and super easy-going in equal measures.

When I arrived in Corfu, I was picked up at the airport (shoutout to a hungover Tom, & Matt who provided moral support and two day old pizza). Arriving in San Stefanos, a cold beer was thrust into my hand and Suze & James arrived with a kebab. I knew I was in for the loveliest time.


Opting for an evening ceremony meant a really chilled, slow start to the day, avoiding the super hot midday sun and harsh light. Guests could enjoy their pools or take a trip to the beach, and think about getting ready after lunch with no rush. 

I joined Suze and her awesome bridesmaids around mid-afternoon, there was lots of awesome music and plenty of laughs. The girls each wore a different green dress which I absolutely LOVED! I thought it was cool allowing bridesmaids to put their own personality and flair into their outfits! And Suze was very much a Rock n Roll Bride with her flower crown and super unique dress. After this I joined James and some family members down the road, I bumped into them on the way over restocking on some beer whilst trying to keep cool in the heat!


I was so excited to hear that Suze planned their Greek beach wedding to be in the evening! It was so much cooler, and the light was gorgeous and warm. The 17:30 ceremony started with guests gathering around at the end of the garden overlooking Agios Stefanos beach. There was no need for chairs, it allowed everyone to get in super close to hear the vows Suze and James had written for each other, and it’s safe to say there was plenty of emotion and happy tears. Suze & the girls entered with a serenade of Greek musicians which made the whole thing so authentic and fun from the outset! Confetti followed the ceremony naturally, everyone was already eager and waiting to toast and cheer the newlyweds as they walked through their guests. This is another part which I just loved about the day, everything flowed so naturally, there was no lining people up or forcing things to happen, it just happened and it was lovely.


Planning the evening ceremony of course meant that we captured the most INCREDIBLE evening light just before the sunset. After taking some group shots, guests walked along the beach over to Waves (The Taverna) for some drinks. This gave us a lovely chance to slow things down even more, and for Suze & James to share some quiet moments together alone for the first time on the day. We took a walk from the garden onto the beach itself. The sun was getting lower and lower, and the light was so hot. Suze & James were totally natural together as I knew they would be, totally focusing on each other the whole time rather than on me, making some gorgeous couple portraits for their sunset wedding couple session on the beach. We made our way along the beach where all of the guests were waiting to welcome them with a huge cheer! The sun began to drop into the ocean whilst everyone shared a drink and a laugh.


If it’s one thing the Greeks do incredibly well, it’s food. WOW. Spit roast lamb went down extremely well! After food followed some very, very emotional speeches which I know Suze & James will be thankful for and remember forever, I’m not ashamed to say I even shed a tear myself.


The evening wedding reception part on Agios Stefanos beach was certainly one to remember. It began with traditional Greek wedding dancing, including lighting the floor on fire and dressing up Laura & Matty in traditional Greek attire which was bloody hilarious. You can see from the photos that everyone’s dancing got better and better as the night went on, following lots of shots of awful (arguably home-brewed) alcohol and a huge conga line onto the beach under the fireworks. The night concluded after lots more dancing, drinking and even some skinny dipping at around 3am.


Suze & James’ phenomenal destination Greek wedding at Agios Stefanos, Corfu, was certainly unforgettable. It will go down as one of the most relaxed, carefree, fun and colourful weddings I have had the pleasure to be a part of. I’d like to extend another huge thank you to everyone involved, and of course to Suze & James for letting me be their Destination Wedding Photographer Corfu. Ευχαριστώ πολύ (Efcharistó polý)!

Location: Agios Stefanos, Corfu, Greece

Planner: Just Married Corfu

Dress Made by: Bexbrides

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