At Home

I'm a wedding photographer in Cardiff, Swansea, and the rest of South Wales mainly. This area is quite literally on my doorstep, and so you can find me here for the majority of the year. However, I absolutely love venturing all over the U.K. - from Cornwall to Scotland and beyond. There's nothing more exciting for me than receiving special enquiries from awesome and adventurous brides and grooms to be, who ask me to tag along and join them all over the country for wedding photography, elopement photography and everything in between.

I am fully willing and able to travel as a photographer and a friend. If you have an adventure planned involving a U.K. wedding or elopement, anniversary or proposal, band tour or other event of any size or location, give me a message and I'd love to join you and capture every part of your day, wherever it may be. 


International Wedding Photography

It has been said that experience does for the soul what education does for the mind. I can think of no greater experience than seizing every opportunity to travel, explore, and truly absorb beautiful scenery and cultures from every corner of this floating rock we call planet earth. As well as covering the whole of the U.K., I can think of no greater pleasure than to be able to travel the rest of the world as an international wedding and elopement photographer. For this reason, I have created a personal 'travel bucket list' in which I am offering to cover international weddings and elopements in locations around the world, only for the cost of travel and nothing else. No catches. I would love to join awesome couples from all countries and cultures. You can read more about this idea and see if your plans qualify here.