Niall Rees - Wooden Surfboard Shaper from South Wales

Niall has been a good friend of mine since we were three years old. When he asked me to document the process of crafting his wooden surfboards for his brand, Latitude 52, I jumped at the chance for a lifestyle photography session! 

As a skilled surfer and all-round creative being with a passion for making things, Niall's extremely involved process of producing these boards is truly amazing! Following milling, plaining, measuring, gluing, clamping (the list goes on!), 12 ft blanks of solid cedar become beautiful functional hollow-body surfboards.

Niall's process is completely self-taught, and he prides himself on the sustainability and eco-friendly nature of his handmade wooden boards. He leaves no scrap to waste; more on this later! 

It really is incredible to see the transition from start to finish. See for yourself why Niall has had world-wide interest in his finished boards, and check out his Instagram: @niallrees