Catrin & Alex - Plas Glansevin, Brecon - Rainy Wedding During 'Storm Callum'

(full highlights below)

A wonderful story of family and friends coming together to celebrate lovely people in the face of a storm

I met Catrin & Alex during a wedding in Italy (which funnily enough also included a thunderstorm or two! In the hours leading up to the wedding, Storm Callum showed up (who invited him!?). I was told that the fire brigade was at the venue, Plas Glansevin, several times to pump out a flooded marquee.

On the morning of the wedding, I was faced with road closures, diversions, and floods which came half way up my car, but I powered on, until this meant crossing the River Towi which had totally burst it’s banks, and wouldn’t be possible to cross with a tractor. Not ones to be defeated, I hitched a ride with the hairdresser’s dad (shoutout to Alan!) in his pickup truck to go over some backroads. Alan would prove to be a total saviour, leading myself, the florist, and ALL OF THE GUESTS to and from the church safely. Thanks again, Alan.

Despite the weather

I can’t tell you how proud I am of Catrin & Alex to stay totally calm, collected and determined to enjoy every part of their wonderful wedding day. With what must have been a stressful morning, you wouldn’t have guessed it seeing everyone laughing and smiling regardless. This attitude was infectious, meaning everyone had such a fun time all day long!

Below are some highlights from the day and night, I would like to thank Catrin & Alex, and their lovely family and friends for coming together and just being wonderful, and letting me be their Plas Glansevin wedding photographer!