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This was just totally spot on. Here’s a quick overview:

(full highlights below)

A fresh summer wedding

I absolutely loved the sound of Natalie & Chris’ plans for their wedding when I met them over a cup of tea and a biscuit, I knew it was going to be a super fun and relaxed day at The Oxwich Bay Hotel in Swansea.

The day started with a full busy house for bridal preparations, before Natalie and her bridesmaids headed down to the hotel in a vintage VW Beetle and campervan. The ceremony itself had a classic cozy intimate feeling before the proper celebrations began!

Now, I always chat about group photos with all my couples, nowadays there’s arguably less need for them as their origins from the days of a very limited roll of film being shot at weddings meant everyone had to be lined up, stiff as a board to make each shot count. These days, with the relaxed documentary approach I take, traditional/formal groups are almost obsolete and can be super stressful when your guests sneak off to the toilet or bar (and they will). If you or perhaps older family members still want some relaxed groups that’s totally cool, I can honestly say that Chris & Nat’s wedding was absolutely spot on for groups! A super brief list of less than 5 important groups was done quickly and without fuss with all guests listening and cooperating beautifully! Done and dusted, back to chatting with your guests, your guests can relax and I’m back to catching real candid moments of people laughing and enjoying!

As you can see, Chris & Nat absolutely ROCKED their couple session. Coming away and venturing onto the lovely beach at Oxwich for some couple portrait photography was just a dream. It was a chance to come away from all the excitement and really slow things down together, and take it all in! Super peaceful and content vibes.

The evening reception and the party into the night was bright, colourful and fresh as you can see, with plenty of proper carefree dancing! Chris & Nat were even kind enough to sort me a room for the night which I’m super super grateful for, it was so lovely to see you again at breakfast!

Here are some more highlights, thanks again for letting me be your Oxwich Bay wedding photographer!

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